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Cfye University of ZTortl) i£aroIina 

4- + 


Inauguration of the President 

+ + 

January the twenty-seventh 

Eighteen hundred and ninety-seven 
At twelve o'c/ock 

+ + 

+ + 


Music— The Mandolin Club 
Prayer. Dr. B. F. Dixon 
Hymn. -The Glee Club 

Ei>i' feste Bttry ist unser Goti 
Address on behalf of the Students. Robert Herring Wright 
Address on behalf of the Faculty.— Kemp Plummer Battle 

Induction of the President into office by 

His Excellency Daniel L. Russell 

Governor of North Carolina 


Response by President Alderman 

+ + 

+ + 

Music. The Glee Club 

Integer vita? scelerisque purus 
Non eget Mauris iaculis neque. arcu 
Nee venenatis gravida sagittis. 
Fusee, pharetra, 

Sive per Syrtes iter aextuosas 
Sine facturus per inhospitalem 
Caucasian vel quae loca fabulosun 
Lambit Hydaspets. 

+ + 

CONGBATUI^ATOKY Address. -William Rainey Harper, President 

of the University of Chicago 
<toN«RATUl>ATORY Address. — Nicholas Murray Butler, Professor 

in Columbia University, New York 

+ + 
Inatoobai, Address. President Alderman 

+ + 

-:- + 
-Music— The Glee Club 

Dear University! Thai blessing hath remained, 

Thi/ .inns right loyally Dishonor ne'er hath stained 

Thy praises sing. Thy record fair. 

For thre. our Mother dew. Still Carolina's pride. 

May every coming year .Still with her best allied. 

Fresh-crowned with joy appear, Her sons from far and u-idi 

Fresh honors bring. Still houst thy rare. 

Heaven blessed the genial ray Fair may Ihy hours roll on. 

Of dial October diy. As numbering one by one 

When nl Ihy shrine, Thy tuneful bell 

Under tin poplar shade, Now rings for duties dom 

Their coirs our fathers paid. Now calls to honors iron. 

'Thy comer stone llwy laid (Jr. for Ihy comrade gone 

With rites divine. Tolls out a knell. 

O! Thou, whose promise nerred 

Our fathers, when they served 

For Liberty, 
Still be their children's God. 
Still with thy staff and rod 
Show us the path they trod, 
The path to Thee. 

BENEDICTION. —Rev. Lennox B. Tnrnhull 
Music. The Mandolin Club 

The Presiding Offices of the occasion will he Hon. Thomas s. Kknan. President 

of the Alumni Association 
The Procession will form at the President's office at a quarter before twelve o'clock